Welcome Video - Support Our Healthcare Providers!!!

In light of the recent disturbing news regarding the various plights (especially those of a financial nature) of our healthcare providers, this week's theme is SUPPORT OUR HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS. Potential ideas to consider are projects that help volunteers find ways to support those in the medical field by providing any of the following:

  • Additional lodging/housing for those who need to stay separate from their families
  • Childcare
  • Cleaning and laundry
  • Financial assistance
  • Groceries, cooking, food delivery
  • Trash, lawncare, and property maintenance
  • Vehicle maintenance and services

You are welcome to look up any resources online this weekend to build whatever you want (a mobile app, a website, an analytics project, AR/VR, etc.) for any purpose, as long as it supports everyone in the fight against coronavirus. Feel free to invite any friends and classmates to join you! They can sign up whenever they want at bit.ly/HackCOVID to receive information about future hackathons and educational resources.

Since this is a weekly event, hacking for each HackCOVID starts at the same time globally, with these local times:

  • 台北 / 香港 / 上海 / 北京: Saturday morning at 6 am
  • London / Reykjavík: Friday at 10 pm
  • NYC / TOR / DC / BOS / RDU: Friday at 6 pm
  • CHI / HOU / DFW / MNE / STL: Friday at 5 pm
  • LAX / SFO / SDG / SEA / VAN: Friday at 3 pm

You may work in teams of up to 5, and you are welcome to submit as many projects as you want for 48 hours. The submission deadline is also at the same time globally, with these local times:

  • 台北 / 香港 / 上海 / 北京: Monday morning at 6 am
  • London / Reykjavík: Sunday at 10 pm
  • NYC / TOR / DC / BOS / RDU: Sunday at 6 pm
  • CHI / HOU / DFW / MNE / STL: Sunday at 5 pm
  • LAX / SFO / SDG / SEA / VAN: Sunday at 3 pm

For this weekend, you will submit your projects on hackcovid-4.devpost.com. We will feature the best project on our website, with more prizes to be determined!

Although each event runs for 48 hours, please be sure to get enough sleep. In fact, we scheduled this length so that you can work at a comfortable, low-stress pace over the weekend. You can also check out this link for additional resources for this weekend. We look forward to seeing your creativity in action!